The wood-fired brick pizza oven evokes a time when life was a little slower, and perhaps the food was a little better and healthier. It allows us to enjoy a style of cooking that is both authentic, and promotes a healthy family lifestyle. Plus, it saves money!

Marrazzo’s Landscaping is a distributor for Forno Bravo. The ovens are shipped from California and take a weekend to install. Installation can be done by the do it yourselfer , or have Marrazzo’s Landscaping can complete the entire install, allowing you to enjoy a great cooking experience! These ovens are available in wood /coal burning or gas and come in many sizes and varieties.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Pizza Oven

In modern culture, we have a plethora of food and cooking options. Instead of simply roasting a piece of meat over a crude fire, we can bake, sauté, deep fry or flambé. With each new method comes more dining options. Cooking standards that were acceptable before fall out of favor as we reach for new heights of dining perfection. Many stand-by foods are transformed into delicacies in high-end eateries dedicated to the art of fine preparation. More and more, we want to replicate these restaurant experiences at home for family and friends.