Maintaining A Brick Paver Patio


Maintaining A Brick Paver Patio

Landscaping with brick pavers are an attractive alternative to concrete for a patio. Pavers come in an array of sizes, colors and shapes, allowing you to get creative in the design of your patio. They are also sturdy and durable, but they must be maintained.

Maintain your pavers and your patio by doing the following:

  • Place Sand in the Joints – One of the main problems with landscaping with patio pavers is erosion between the bricks. If the joints between pavers begin to erode, they can settle. During the winter, when the patio is vulnerable to snow and ice, the pavers can expand and contract, causing them to move if the joints are not tight. By adding sand to the joints between the pavers it maintains the neat, crisp look of your patio and helps keep it stable. Make sure to purchase sand that is specifically meant for use with brick, and pour it over your entire patio. Then use a broom to sweep the sand into the joints so that the sand becomes compacted in the joints, preventing erosion. Once you have covered the joints, sweep all of the sand from the top of the bricks.
  • Hose Regularly – The simplest way to ensure that your landscaped paver patio maintains its clean, attractive appearance is to hose it regularly. You can use a broom to sweep dirt and debris from your paver patio, but hosing ensures that even the most stubborn debris is removed.
  • Prevent Weeds – The look of your patio can be spoiled if weeds begin to grow between the joints of the brick pavers. You can use herbicide spray to kill the weeds and prevent their re-growth or a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • Seal Pavers – The most effective way to maintain your landscaped brick paver patio is to use a sealant immediately following installation and every few years afterward. Using a sealant helps to preserve your brick pavers’ color and prevents weathering. It also makes cleaning stains from the patio easier.

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