Is Fall The Best Time For Planting?


Is Fall The Best Time For Planting?

As the weather cools here in Bucks County, the trees turn and their leaves begin to fall, and although plants have stopped growing, and are shutting down for the winter, their root systems are firing up. More roots are developing on plants during the fall season than any other time the year. By planting in the fall, you are giving the newly planted trees and shrubs a head start on next year.

Remember that a healthy, well planned landscaping can add as much as 15-20% to the value of your home, return as much as 200% on the original landscape investment, increase the resale value, and improve your homes curb appeal.

Fall is not only the best time to plant most trees, shrubs, and evergreens, but the following flowers also do very well in the fall:

  • Garden Mums – Garden mums are one of the most spectacular blooming plants for fall. They come in a large selection of colors and varieties. Mums can also be planted anytime from spring through fall. They grow best in areas receiving full sun for a half day or more. Mums planted in the spring or those that have wintered over should be pinched back monthly to keep them to a height of 12″. In addition, to improve winter hardiness, mulch mums after the soil has frozen in late December or early January.
  • Pansies – If pansies are planted correctly in the fall, they will not only provide fall color, but will winter over and be ready to burst into bloom first thing in the spring. Pansies grow best in sunny to partially shaded areas. Keep in mind that some winter protection may be necessary, including applying light mulch after the soil has frozen in mid-winter.
  • Ornamental Cabbage and Kale – Both ornamental cabbage and kale can be planted in spring or fall in a location that receives a half day or more of full sun. As the autumn weather grows cooler, the leaf colors brighten, making the plants a vibrant companion for garden mums and evergreens.
  • Hardy Asters – Hardy Asters are easy to grow perennials that can be planted in spring or fall. They vary in color and blooming heights. They add color to your garden from late summer well into fall. These Native American plants require a location that provides 6 hours or more of full sun a day.

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