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We are detail-oriented and experienced landscape designers and horticulturalists that are at the top in their field. From design and installation to the upkeep of your property, J. Marrazzo Landscaping can provide you with all of your landscaping needs.



 Walkways, patios, outdoor fireplaces and everything in-between. See why our Master Masons are the best that Bucks County has to offer. Your yard is the new bonus room. Whether you’re looking to bring the outdoors in or the inside out.


The Idea Book

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Maybe you have the smallest seed of an idea but need a little visual help. Help is here. Our idea book should be able to give you a good starting point. Take a look at what others in and around Bucks County have had us create for them.


J. Marrazzo Landscaping has been serving as Bucks County Pennsylvania’s top Landscape Design firm for over 35 years. It’s easy for us to say we’ve done it all and seen it all, but our clients still, to this day, amaze us with their imagination. That’s why we say that our only limit, is your imagination.

Why J. Marrazzo Landscaping Is The Best Landscaping Business In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania When you have chosen to do a tiny bit of finishing around your home, you might need to think about employing as an expert to help you. This can be an extremely troublesome venture, and regardless of the possibility that you have room schedule-wise to do this sort of work, the final result may not be precisely what you anticipated. Exterior decorators that are in the Philadelphia region have years of experience, here and there decades, and there are a significant number to look over. Standing separated from the rest is an organization by the name of J. Marrazzo arranging, a business that you can trust. How about we go over a couple of things that you can anticipate from this exceptionally respectable business as far as what they will have the capacity to accomplish for you, going a long ways past what a customary exterior decorator could really finish when contrasted with those working in Philadelphia.

Landscaping Philadelphia

landscaping PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Landscaping is a calling that includes the utilization of unmistakable components on your property, including living components, for example, plants, cultivating, brambles, and whatever else that is developing, with a specific end goal to make an a great deal more picturesque environment. They can likewise utilize the landscape which might incorporate water as a lake, rocks, and different landforms that are unmistakable. Moreover, conceptual components are additionally considering, for example, the lighting conditions, and the kind of climate that you commonly have in your general vicinity, making a delightful general configuration. The general population that do this are specialists in what is called agriculture, yet they additionally have masterful outline incorporated with everything that they do. They see how extents function, and can utilize certain devices further bolstering their good fortune keeping in mind the end goal to move things into position, forming everything into something that is to a great degree respectable.

Landscaping Company Philadelphia

At the point when hunting down an arranging organization in Philadelphia, you will frequently discover a huge number of these organizations, particularly in vast urban regions. Some of these people really have degrees in cultivation, though others have a characteristic present for reworking what you as of now have in your front or back yard, or they can get different materials. They ordinarily accompany a truck, and might utilize an escavator or comparative gadget that can offer them some assistance with excavating certain regions of your property. This will permit them to make a lake if vital, move vast rocks into position, furthermore dive openings in which to plant distinctive bushes, shrubs, or even trees to settle the undertaking. You will need to work with an organization that has many years of experience if conceivable, despite the fact that there are numerous upstart organizations drove by individuals right out of school that have really work straightforwardly with gardeners for the vast majority of their lives. You essentially need to examine their portfolio which is commonly displayed on the Internet to get a thought of what you can expect when they help you with your venture.

Landscaping Contractor Philadelphia

Acontractor that works in arranging is a person that might have some learning of development, which is extremely helpful when they are making something like a pagoda in the patio to make a specific impact. They will likely take your thoughts and show them into reality utilizing the accessible material that you have, new material that should be acquired, and their own aptitudes which will permit them to make precisely what you have asked. These contractual workers commonly have a permit that permits them to do this kind of work, with the goal that you will realize that they are true blue. It is a smart thought to do a little individual verification on specific temporary workers just to ensure there are no grievances against them, preceding beginning them on the venture that you might want them to begin and finish. Our contractual worker Philadelphia is the best in the biz.

Landscaping Service Philadelphia

The Philadelphia benefits that are given via gardeners can shift from organization to organization. It relies on where you live on the planet, the kind of atmosphere that you have, and the thoughts that you are attempting to make. For instance, on the off chance that you live in a desert atmosphere, the sort of plants that are utilized, and the style of the arranging is going to vary incredibly from somebody that lives in the high mountains. It needs to oblige the components, ensuring that it won't just keep going as far as might be feasible, however will be illustrative of that specific zone. You clearly would not have any desire to put in desert flora in a precipitous territory, or plant pine trees where it is to a great degree warm. Alternate administrations that they will offer will incorporate grass support, yard repair, pruning, building up greenery enclosures, and general property upkeep for both private and business customers.

Landscape Maintenance Philadelphia

At the point when individuals hear that a greens keeper gives support to their property, they frequently get to be confounded. Be that as it may, it's quite easy to get it. For instance, on the off chance that you have a front yard and terrace, their employment would be to turn out to cut your grass, do trimming along the edges, and ensure that weeds are not ready to develop. Moreover, they will do pruning for bushes, trees, and whatever other sort of vegetation that you have developing that is huge. This will keep up the general appearance of the arranging that they have accomplished for you, a player in what most finishing support ventures comprise of.

Landscape Renovation Philadelphia

This is quite business in a few areas, particularly where substantial new track homes have been placed up lately. They might have experienced a lot of Philadelphia redesigns with the homes that were as of late gained, and they might need the finishing to coordinate the new outward appearance. Now and then it is the polar opposite, a circumstance where a mortgage holder has as of late obtained a property that was preowned, and the arranging is totally wretched. These experts can come into survey your circumstance, furnish you with thoughts on what should be possible, and after that get the opportunity to take a shot at demonstrating to you precisely best practices to make everything look simply right.

Landscape Contractor Philadelphia

As specified before, these experts are fundamentally the same to organizations that are accountable for extensive building ventures, lodging extends, all requiring the best possible kind of authorizing. After you have checked that they can do this sort of work, you ought to consider picking one based upon their cost. Accessibility is additionally something that you have to consider in light of the fact that not every one of them will have openings. That is the reason it's great to construct a rundown of potential contender for this sort of task, and pick the ones that are both moderate and accessible.

Landscaper Philadelphia

A Philadelphia greens keeper can likewise be a person that you realize that might not have a specific permit. Some of these people don't have a great deal of cash when they are beginning, however you have seen their work with maybe a companion or relative, and you are essentially contracting them as a gardener. This is alright to do, and it will presumably spare you a lot of cash, as they might have the capacity to work for far less every hour, furthermore the better at utilizing the current things on your property. You truly don't need to have an authorized contractual worker to do little ventures, particularly in the event that you know the individual, and it could wind up being a decent speculation.

Landscape Design Philadelphia

At the point when a temporary worker or individual turns out your property, they will begin to evaluate the general appearance as it looks at this moment. They will then consider what you have requested that they do, and after that begin to Philadelphia outline and general schematic concerning how it will look when they are finished. This is the reason it is once in a while a smart thought to work with one of the more costly greens keepers since they will be able to display everything in a PC position. They can send this to you, or even permit you to login to what they have intended for you, demonstrating to you what it will look like before it is ever made. They will utilize everything from little trees to brambles, rocks and lakes, furthermore put in walkways and lights to make the best impact. Their capacity to plan is likely going to be subjective, as the vast majority have a tendency to pick these experts based upon the portfolios that they have seen online or cases of their work in the event that they were alluded by companions.

Landscaping Patio Designer Philadelphia

a basic meaning of a Philadelphia architect for yards is essentially a territory outside of your home where individuals can assemble to appreciate the day. It is utilized for both recreational purposes, for example, grilling, or it can be a center of your general arranging. They are normally made with either stone sections, or cement, and they can likewise be made utilizing cobblestone or blocks. The more costly that they are, the more old-style they will look, for example, utilizing tiles or piece clearing around cobblestones to make the best impact. On the off chance that this is something that you might want to add to your general venture, they can regularly do this for you, and here and there at a sensible cost. It just relies on upon the sort of yard that you need and there are a few to browse that you're finishing proficient can let you know about.

Patios Philadelphia

Another name for yards are forecourt or patio, old-style words that are referencing regions where individuals can sit and talk while getting a charge out of the day. The reason that these are so valuable while doing finishing is that it gives an open zone that can separate the tedium of the arranging that you have at this moment. In the event that you don't have one, and you include one in, it can truly change the whole appearance of the front or back of your home. Anoth thing that you can add is called a screen porch, and this is essential for a variety of reasons.

Screen Porch Philadelphia

If you live in an area where there are an excessive amount of mosquitoes outside, or any other type of insect, spending time outside may not be very easy, especially after the sunsets. A Philadelphia screen porch is designed to allow people to be outside, but protected by the screens. This can also provide you with a great place to look out, without having to be outside directly, if you hear something moving around that night.

Screened Porch Philadelphia

This type of porch is also a great way to get the family outside. If people prefer eating inside, which usually because of the insects outside, and this way people can get fresh air. Without the ability to have the screens to protect everyone, they would usually limit people during the summertime especially, to eating everything inside their home. There are different types of patio screens that you might want to consider using if you would also like to have the screens under patio.

Patio Screen Philadelphia

If you have a patio set up, you might want to put a large screen around and above the patio so that you can sit apart from your house, out on the patio at night, enjoying the evening sounds. These can be a little more expensive because there is a significant amount of screen that is used, plus a substructure that holds everything together. Your landscaper will know exactly what to purchase, and how to build it, per your specifications.

Screened Patio Philadelphia

In fact, a Philadelphia screened patio is becoming much more popular in certain areas because they are coming in kits. Instead of having to hire a contractor, you might be able to work with one of these professionals to simply have them set it up. What used to take several days to build could take just a couple of hours because the landscaping professionals will have the tools and expertise on how to put it up fast.

Patio Contractor Pergola Philadelphia

Additionally, you might want to consider constructing a poor goal of which is similar to a patio. The difference is that it has a gazebo like affect, giving a very elegant appearance to the entire backyard, especially if it is a central theme to the entire project.

Outdoor Fireplace Philadelphia

An outdoor fireplace is also a nice addition, especially if it is in the midst of the patio, allowing people to sit around it as they talk outside. If you already have installed the screens to protect your friends and family while you are outside around the patio or Pergola, it could be a go to location for all of you, especially during cool summer nights.

Outdoor Kitchen Philadelphia

Another possibility is to add an Philadelphia outdoor kitchen which might sound strange, but it is essentially a high-tech barbecue unit. You will have everything that you need, just like your kitchen inside, but you are able to cook outside. The primary benefit is that you are able to barbecue your food, just as you normally would, but you have all of the utensils, plates, and cooking gear that's necessary to cook a full meal outside.

Outdoor Fire Pits Philadelphia

Additionally, you can add an outdoor fire pit where people could roast marshmallows which could also be a central part of the patio. You will probably want to put in a small one if you have the entire area with a canopy and protection from mosquitoes, but they can be large and non-obtrusive.

Outdoor Fireplace Philadelphia

The outdoor fireplace arena has been growing over the years, as more people than ever before like to be outside. Fireplaces are typically within a household, but when they are outside you can enjoy being under the stars, stay warm, and also roast marshmallows and drink hot cocoa while you are experiencing what it feels like to be in front of these convenient man-made outdoor fires.
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  • Pizza Ovens Philadelphia

    One final thing that is becoming exceedingly popular is to have a pizza oven outside. If you have ever invited people over to make their own pizza, you know how popular this activity can be. Kids absolutely love to take the dough, place all of their favorite toppings, and then start to cook their pizza in the oven. The benefit of having this outside his people can have a great time, especially during the summer, watching their pizza slowly cook in the pizza oven that is typically attached to your outdoor kitchen or barbecue units, giving you the best of everything in one location. Best of all, these are the perfect things to have outside on a warm, or even cool, Philadelphia night, something that will bring friends and family over to have fun.

    Low voltage lighting Philadelphia

    Landscape lighting Philadelphia

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    Landscape accent lighting Philadelphia

    Maarrazzo Landscaping also offers low voltage and LED accent lights and lighting.


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    Pergola Philadelphia

    We offer hardscape and softscape as well as patio covers like a pergola in Philadelphia. Now that you know a little bit more about J. Marrazzo Landscaping, you can see that they are a reputable company that is capable of achieving any result you have in mind. They are also one of the most affordable landscapers that you can contact, always giving a fair price. You can visit their website at to see more about what their company can do for you. If you would like to improve your landscaping, create a screened porch, patio, or even put in an outdoor fireplace, this is the company that you should contact today. Learn how our Philadelphia designer and landscaping company can take care of your backyard, yard or property. We offer commercial and residential services in Pennsylvania.